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Board Boot Camp Training

The Board Member Boot Camp training curriculum was adapted by the South Carolina Network of Children's Advocacy Centers from a curriculum developed by MAP for Nonprofits in St. Paul Minnesota. SCNCAC staff received training on the curriculum which was facilitated by the Midwest Regional Children's Advocacy Center. The purpose of this training is to strengthen the capacity of South Carolina's Children's Advocacy Centers by promoting excellence in nonprofit board governance.

The success of a Children's Advocacy Center depends largely on the effectiveness of its leadership. In a nonprofit organization, leadership begins with the Board of Directors. People are motivated to join boards for many reasons, but most who become board members never receive any formal guidance on the roles and responsibilities of boards. Board Boot Camp will help new board members feel more comfortable in their roles and will remind seasoned board members of the importance of their positions in the healthy functioning of the CAC.

This training will assist board members in developing an understanding of the nonprofit sector to include what distinguishes nonprofit from for-profit organizations, sources of revenue for nonprofits, and the life stages of a nonprofit organization. The training will discuss the roles and responsibilities of nonprofit board members to include ensuring healthy governance, leading strategically, ensuring financial stability, being an ambassador, and supervising and supporting the Executive Director.

The training is intended for all Children's Advocacy Center Board Members and executive level staff. The training is facilitated by SCNCAC staff on site at the requesting CAC or a training location in the CACs community. The training is approximately 4 hours in length. If you wish to request this training at your CAC, use the request form below.

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