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Outcomes Measurement System (OMS) Reports

SCNCAC and all South Carolina CACs are committed to collecting and evaluating outcomes to ensure that CACs are not just meeting minimum standards, but are always improving to meet best practices in all areas. SCNCACs Annual Outcome Measurement System report provides a comprehensive analysis of the outcome data provided by all of South Carolina Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs) during the year. To understand the importance of this report, it is important to remember the difference between outputs and outcomes. Outputs can be important information and can tell the story of "what we do" and "who we reach".  An example of outputs would be the number of forensic interviews a CAC does in a year or the number of referrals for mental health services a CAC makes. While these characteristics of cases and clients are important, they do not tell us how well we are doing. That is where outcomes come into play. Click on the picture to the right to view the 2020 OMS report. The report will open in a web viewer but you may use the button on the bottom right side of the viewer to download a PDF for better viewing.

Outcomes help us to answer the question, "how well are we doing what we do?" They tell us about short-term and long-term results. They provide us with a measure of the impact a CAC is having on the community and society. While both outputs and outcomes are important for program evaluation, outcomes are especially important for CACs. Public service agencies, like CACs, are interested in mission-based objectives, which are sometimes less than concrete. Outcome measurement makes those objectives more tangible and helps to demonstrate the value of the CAC and its programs. Outcomes can give clearer evidence of the impact of the CAC and improve accountability to funders, Boards and multidisciplinary team (MDT) members. In other words, outcome measurement goes beyond the typical outputs a CAC measures (# of clients served, etc.) to show the impact of services. You may view the latest OMS report by clicking on the report picture above or past years, by clicking on the links below.

 SCNCAC 2019 OMS ReportSCNCAC 2020 OMS Report  
 SCNCAC 2016 OMS ReportSCNCAC 2017 OMS ReportSCNCAC 2018 OMS Report 

A number of South Carolina CACs began participating in the OMS system in 2014. This initial data was used to evaluate the services SCNCAC provides to member CACs and to direct areas where future support and training should be offered. This work continued in 2015 as more CACs began participating in the OMS system and full participation was achieved in 2016. In November of 2017, SCNCAC issued the first yearly OMS report for our statewide partners, stakeholders and the public based on the compiled 2016 data. We continue to use OMS data to improve the services we offer to our member CACs.  Future reports will be issued in March of each year for the prior years outcomes.

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