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  • Edisto Children's Center seeks a Safe Baby Courts Team Community Coordinator

Edisto Children's Center seeks a Safe Baby Courts Team Community Coordinator

09/28/2021 10:12 AM | Brooke Kenney (Administrator)

Job Description:

The Community Coordinator will work in collaboration with judicial and child welfare leadership, community partners, and stakeholders to plan, implement, market, manage and evaluate the local Safe Babies Courts Team (SBCT). In an effort to effect community and system's change, the Community Coordinator facilitates coordination and collaboration among community stakeholders, organizes and facilitates Family Team Meetings, provides community-wide and Infant-Toddler Court Team (ITCT) specific educational opportunities, tracks monthly follow-up activities for each cases monitored by the ITCT, conducts on-going data collection for outcome tracking, and champions for the voice of infants, toddlers and their families within the child welfare and court's jurisdictional purview.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supports the development of policies and procedures to implement the local Infant Toddler Court Team (ITCT)
  • Creates connections with community partners to recruit for and develop an Active Community Team (ACT)
  • Supports Judicial Leadership in the convening and facilitation of the monthly ACT meetings to promote collective impact for systems change
  • Engages families early in the SBCT process and ensures that their input is valued throughout their child welfare/court journey
  •  In collaboration with ITCT partners - develops, compiles, creates, and distributes ITCT communications and promotional literature
  • Supports the neutral facilitation of, and documentation for, a multi-disciplinary team that meets monthly to assist children and their families in developing strategies to mitigate the circumstances that brought them to the court’s attention
  • Acts as a liaison for identifying community-based resources and supports and disseminates the information to other agencies and families
  • Seeks creative solutions that address barriers families face in accessing formal and informal supports to complement case management services
  •   Develops relationships with community providers to explore referral processes and problem solve methods to expedite access
  • Models practice that enhances a highlighted focus on the unique developmental needs of infants and toddlers and their families
  •  Actively participates in community-based initiatives that correlate with the ITCT mission and promote the wellbeing of young children and their families
  •  Assesses the community’s training and Technical Assistance needs and serves as a liaison with the National TCP and local content matter experts for the provision of educational opportunities to meet those needs
  • Works with the local judiciary, Child Welfare leadership and ITCT to implement the SBCT Core Components and adhere to best practice policies
  • Remains current on latest research/best practice recommendations/policies and distributes/disseminates information to the ITCT and community regarding such
  • Supports the ACT to engage in continuous quality improvement to evaluate the ITCTs effectiveness by collecting and interpreting data and on-going reflection of practice through data exploration and strategic planning
  • Networks and communicates with Community Coordinators in other ITCP communities
  • Performs other duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the SBCT and the National ITCT

Skills and Experience:

  • Experience with community collaboration to effect systems change
  • Background in infant/early childhood development or related field
  •  Ability to work and make decisions independently
  • Knowledge of issues related to child abuse and neglect
  • Working knowledge of racial equity, historical trauma, poverty, intimate partner violence, child and adult development, parental history of childhood trauma, mental illness, substance use disorders, and developmental and intellectual disabilities
  • Knowledge of the Social Determinants of Health and local resources available to assist families in making connections to achieve them
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a multidisciplinary group
  • Working knowledge of early child development and infant mental health
  • Knowledge of Protective Factors and how to incorporate them in community capacity building and case planning
  • Knowledge of juvenile and family court functioning
  • Facility working with people of diverse educational, professional, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds
  • Ability to work effectively across agencies and disciplines
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience focused on services for vulnerable young children and their families


  • In-depth knowledge of infant/toddler social-emotional development and the impact of abuse and neglect
  • Working knowledge of local, state, and federal child welfare policies, practices, and laws
  • Experience working with juvenile and family court judges
  • Skills in collecting and interpreting data
  • Experience in creating and conducting presentations for large groups of professionals
  • Prior program development experience

Essential Qualities:

  • Encourages and practices critical thinking
  • Is self-reflective and empathic
  • Is committed to remaining current on research and best practice standards
  • Recognizes the influence of workplace relationships on outcomes and results
  • Maintains a respectful and accepting approach to others
  • Awareness of the influence of the larger context on individual behavior
  • Collaboratively and creatively supports the work efforts of families and colleagues at all levels


Master’s degree in child development, social work, or related field is strongly preferred, minimum of an undergraduate degree same.

Submit cover letter and resume to Sharleta Woodall, swoodall@scimha.org

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