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E-Learning Course Catalog

Access to the E-Learning Portal is restricted to Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) staff and professionals working with multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) at SCNCAC Member CACs. You will see a list of current course offerings below. Login information to access the E-Learning Portal is different than logins to access our normal members area. If you have been granted access to the E-Learning Portal you will have received an email with your username and password, just click on the sign in button to the left or click on the register button for any of the courses from the list below then login with the information you received.  If you have not yet been provided with login information, please contact your CAC Director who will request that we grant you access. See the note on VSP credits at the bottom of this page. Once you have logged into the eLearning portal, you will be on your dashboard page which shows any courses you have already registered for. Go to the catalog tab in the eLearning portal to view a list of all available courses.

Collaborate New User Training - March 2021 Edition

Designed for CAC Staff who are responsible for database entry or upkeep of the SCNCAC CAC database. This training was created using system features based on the format of the database as of the October 1 go live date. 

There are no pre-approved CEUs offered for the 2.5 contact hours in this course.

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Initial Victim Service Provider Training - 2021 Edition

Designed for CAC/MDT Victim Advocate staff who require Victim Service Provider training. These online modules supplement the classroom training and must be completed prior to the classroom sessions.

None, you must be registered and complete the classroom sessions for credit.

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Motivational Interviewing Training -
2021 Edition

Motivational Interviewing is an effective communication technique for professionals to engage in meaningful conversations with clients to help facilitate attitude and behavior change. This workshop reviews the style and spirit of MI.

There are no pre-approved CUEs offered for the 2.5 contact hours in this course.

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CAC Basic MDT Orientation - 2018 Edition

Designed for DSS Staff, Law Enforcement, Solicitors, Medical Providers, CAC Staff, or any other professional tasked with participating on an MDT for the purpose of staffing cases of child abuse.

VSP: 1.75 Credit Hours
SCCJA: 1.75 Credit Hours

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Continuing Education Credits:
Many of the courses in our eLearning portal offer continuing education credits for either Law Enforcement or Victim Service Providers (VSP). In order to receive VSP credits, you must enter your VSP number during your initial registration process. Once you have entered your VSP number during your initial signup for the eLearning portal, you will not have to enter it again. If your VSP number is not in our system, you will not receive VSP credits. Please contact us if you have any questions about VSP credits.

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