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Annual Reports

SCNCAC's Annual Reports document the Network's growth and achievements during the year the report was issued for. In addition to highlighting activities during the year, each annual report gives details on numbers of children and families served and financial information for the year.

You can view the current Annual Report by clicking on the picture to the right or the link below. Future reports will be posted here and linked below. In 2020 we transitioned to a fully digital format for our annual reports. Just click on the iPad image to the right or the link below to view the most current annual report.

2020 Annual Report

Children's Advocacy Centers make a difference in the lives of children in South Carolina throughout the year. SCNCAC provides support to all CACs in South Carolina every year. SCNCAC provides training, technical assistance, and development services to each of the 17 primary and 10 satellite CACs in South Carolina to help them better serve the needs of child victims and families in the communities they serve. 

Communities across South Carolina have embraced the CAC model because the model is efficient and effective in serving children and families. The 27 CACs in South Carolina provide coverage in all 46 counties of the state but there are still some barriers to services in rural areas.

SCNCAC and our member CACs continue to work to remove barriers to CAC services by developing satellite CACs and cooperative agreements in rural areas of the state. We believe that all children, regardless of their location and circumstances, should have access to the reliable, effective and professional services that CACs provide.

Past Annual Reports

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